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Over our lifetime of experience with natural health remedies and our work in holistic health centers, we have great success with many herbs, supplements and nutritional formulas.  We, like our customers, often complained about taking so many pills and looked to simplify our daily intake, narrowing it down to what was the most effective.  For the last seven years, we have only been using our HealThySelf products as nutritional supplements to maintain our health and recommend them as the best we have found.  Schweitzer Formula, Vibrant Cell Life, Total Body Greens, and Molecula Silver are all liquid supplements for better absorption and easy to ingest.  We have used a Life Ionizer Water Purifier for seven years as well, and love it!  David has been using Tachyon Healing Tools for about 15 years and is a trained practitioner as well as a distributor.  Mary authored and self published The Heart Of The Matter in 2008 with its timeless message of living in the heart.  All of these products are a reflection of our journey, and are some of the best holistic products available.  In alignment with Hippocrates adage, "Physician Heal Thy Self," we are happy to share what has worked for us, and recommend them whole heartedly to you.


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