Mary is very authentic, kind, and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and completely accepted. She inspired my trust and supported me in successfully making the changes I needed to make. I am empowered in a whole new way. The consultation had an extremely positive impact in my life.

V.H., Pennsylvania


Holistic Wellness Consultation

Integrating body/emotion/mind/spirit principles, as we explore the cause and effect relationship to your health conditions, instead of just treating the symptoms. This two hour consultation will provide you with a practical and personal analysis, guiding you to resolutions. After completing the health questionnaire, you will receive a personalized health program booklet that will include; educational and inspirational wellness guidelines, an exploration of healthy emotions, mental thought patterns and spiritual principles; combined with healthy eating habits, meal choices, grocery list, and supplement program, to improve your well-being on all levels.

The cost for this consultation is $111, for a two hour session with Mary Woods.

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