Q2 Energy Detox

Single session - $40  ----  5 Session Package - $180

Fbath4100The Q2 Energy Spa was created to:  Realign, balance and enhance the bio-energetic (life-force) levels.

Naturally cleanse and rejuvenate your cells with the relaxing, ionized water foot bath. Experience increased vitality, revitalized blood, pain relief, improved sleep, and kidney and liver function through the removal and neutralization of toxins. A thirty minute session protects from the inside out.  This rejuvenating foot bath detoxifies and restores pH balance for increased vitality and well-being.   The Q2 electronically charges the water, which energizes the cells, causing the release of toxins through the feet.  The body receives healing energy patterns through the meridian pathways.  A pleasant sensation can be felt moving up the legs and throughout the entire system.

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