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HealThySelf is a collaboration between the husband and wife team of David Louis DeFebo and Mary M. Woods, who have a lifetime of experience in the natural health field.  Together, they created HealThySelf, as an educational and inspirational perspective on holistic health, providing the highest quality holistic products and services.  HealThySelf is a new paradigm business, relevant to the needs of our ever changing world and rapid evolution; combining cutting edge advances in nutrition, energy healing, unified field science and practical spititual principals.  HealThySelf invites you to explore this journey to new levels of health and well being, and participate as co-creators in the new paradigm of true wellness.  

About Mary Woods

maryoutsideMary Woods has 30 years of experience in the natural health and spiritual develpment fields. She is the author of the inspirational book,“The Heart of the Matter,” a celebration artist and wellnss coach.  She has a passion for creating sacred space in the heart, the home, the earth and with one another.

In the 1980's, she was the owner of a natural foods restaurant and holistic retreat center in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

In the 1990's, she was a staff member at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and The Foundation For A Course In Miracles in New York; and at the Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, VA.

In the 2000's, she was the senior wellness coach and vitamin consultant at Freshlife natural health store in Williamsport, PA.

In 2007, she and her husband David began their own home business, HealThySelfTM, promoting holistic health education, natural products, and consultations.

From 2010 to 2011 Mary and David completed a 13 month peace walk (The 13MoonWalk4Peace) to cities and reservations across the USA.

Mary is the author of the inspirational book, “The Heart Of The Matter,” a group facilitator and workshop leader with the mission;

“To inspire, motivate, and empower individuals, groups, and communities, to experience more authentic joy, peace, and love through conscious wholehearted living.”



About David Louis DeFebo

dav2014-150-2David Louis DeFebo has 30 years of experience in the holistic health field. A graduate of Capitol University of Integrative Medicine with a Masters degree in Integrative Health Science and Clayton College of Natural Health.  He is certified as a Tachyon Healing Practitioner and  Certified Psych-K practitioner.  David has a passion for cutting edge holistic information, science, product and brand develpment, and new paradigm healing technologies.  He enjoys computers, having built many desktops, and has become a competant webmaster, authoring several websites. 

In the 1980's David began rigorous self study of natural health topics and spiritual disciplines. He became the manager of the Garden of Eden Natural Foods Store and Cafe, in New Jersey.

In the 1990's he spent three years at Mrs Emm's All Natural becoming the assistant director of operations in New Jersey.  Then he designed and launched a new store called Nature's Harvest, Nutrition Center and Cafe, managing the operation for three years in Pennsylvania.  David then designed and launched another store called Health Revolutions Health Food Store and Integrative Center, which he managed for seven years in Pennsylvania. 

From 2002 to 2007 David became the manager and integrative nutritional consultant at Freshlife Natural Products Supermarket, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

From 2010 to 2011 David and Mary completed a 13 month peace walk (The 13MoonWalk4Peace) circumnavigating the USA.

David has lead workshops and facilitated groups, including serving as the water pourer for the Turtle Clan Medicine Lodge.

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