HealThySelf is a way of life, a work in progress, and a process. It is a decision we make each moment to be healthy and happy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is a practice of identifying core beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that are unhealthy and taking responsibility for integrating healthy alternatives.

HealThySelf is not only an age old adage coined by the Greek physician Hippocrates, but an eternal wisdom that we can apply now as our Healthy Self.

HealThySelf is the common purpose we share on the path to wholeness. As we learn to value true wellness, we can design a lifestyle to effectively manage our energy and achieve our highest potential for well-being.

HealThySelf provides you with a personal and practical application of the paradigm of holistic healing. Exploring the deeper causes of your conditions while guiding you to make conscious choices and positive changes as you move toward optional health.

HealThySelf Premise

We are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

As a necessary part of being human, we will experience amnesia, forgetting who we are.

This “forgetting” is the cause of our fear, pain, guilt, and the belief that we are separate from our Creator and one another.

The process of spiritual awakening is to remember the truth of our inherent wholeness and spiritual essence; to Know Thy Self.

The truth is the same for everyone of us, as we are whole, holy, and one Self, united with our Creator and one another.

The Golden Rule of “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” and “Love One Another”, explains the law of cause and effect, because we are one another.

The process of healing is the willingness to let go of past judgments and grievances, choosing to accept, forgive, and love ourselves and others unconditionally.

We are all in this together. We share a common purpose. We are all a work in process.

We are all on the path to wholeness; Know Thy Self, Heal Thy Self, and Be Thy Self.

Life is our spiritual practice to be our true, authentic Self, aligning with our Divine, higher purpose, and identify with Love.

So Be It!

Heal Thy Self Philosophy

Where do we begin to understand what it means to Heal Thy Self? Since it is a life-long process for each of us, we can begin to discover the patterns and stories from our life; ones that we may consider to be our greatest weaknesses. Those situations and events that have caused us to feel self-condemnation, grief, shame, insecurities, self-doubt, pain, and suffering, exist as beliefs and memories within our “pain body”. These negative thought forms routinely surface to attack us when we are feeling bad, mad, sad; to take us down to wallow in the pit of misery; our own personal, self-made hell realm.

As part of our human experience, everyone has fallen into this downward spiral of darkness from time to time, to a greater or lesser degree. We can begin to change these patterns by bringing them to the light of our awareness, consciously observing these beliefs from a place of the detached witness. As we can look at the situation without judgment, we can shift our perception from ego identification to the Higher Self, which gives us the important realization that there is another way of seeing.

The more that we can objectively view our stories from the perspective of archetypal patterns within the human psyche, the less we will take them personally. Instead of seeing the problem as “my painful story”, we can see that it is “The painful story”, that all humans experience in one form or another. While our ego tells us that we are separate and different from others, with our special form of suffering, our Higher Self reminds us that we are all eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

The nature of “being human” is to experience what it feels like to be separate from our Divine Source and from one another. In truth, it is impossible to be separate from our Source, yet it is because we are collectively “making believe” and imagining this concept, we are collectively experiencing it in the mass consciousness. As humans become more conscious that we are experiencing a dream of separation, a fantasy that is not real, but an exploration of our imagination, we can become lucid dreamers. We have made up this nightmare of separation and we are doing it to ourselves! As lucid dreamers, however, we can change it! We can observe the human condition with detachment and non-judgment, along with compassion, forgiveness, and the willingness to change our perceptions, and awaken from the dream.

The concept of Heal Thy Self is likened to the archetypal Hero's Journey. As part of our ticket into the human experience, we each have to pay the price of forgetting our interconnectedness and interdependence with our Source, and enter into the realm of separation and independence. In the process of trying to make it on our own, we meet the adversary, who challenges us in a dual of duality. We engage in the conflict between good and evil, love and fear, in a multitude of forms, in many variations on a theme, in the drama we call life.

The turning point in the story, is when we, the hero, have developed the readiness to face the adversary, and meet the challenge head on. At the moment we experience our inner strength, courage, and willingness to overcome our fear, our “hero”, suddenly feels connected to a power greater than itself, conspiring to help them. This is the ephinany, the awakening, the shift from the pain of our belief in separation, to the realization that we are aligned with a greater whole, as Einstein said, “the whole that is greater than the sum of it's parts”.

Einstein also said that “problems cannot be solved at the level that they were created.” The solution is always a transcendent experience, seeing above the seeming conflict of opposites, to the two sides of the same coin, from duality to oneness. The adversary is simply a part of us that we thought was separate. It represents a lesson brought to us, so that we can acknowledge, accept, forgive, heal, and ultimately love ourselves and others.

In this realization, our weaknesses become our greatest strengths. In facing the adversary within ourselves, as our own ego projection, we break through the barriers that kept us from loving and embracing our whole Self. In entering the darkness, we find the light; in looking at the fear of our separation, we realize the love of our union.

We naturally “Heal Thy Self” and become the Hero in the dream.

The Hero's Journey does not end at this point, since it is the nature of love to extend itself. The hero returns to his ordinary life to transform it in extraordinary ways, by sharing the gifts it has received. When we are healed, we help to heal others. When we are inspired, we inspire others. We become “the change we want to see in the world.”

We “Heal Thy Self” by accepting and expressing the ultimate remedy of Love. So Be It.

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