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We often have philosophical conversations about creating our own business as a model for the new paradigm in health care and healing. While David and I did not want to be in opposition to the current medical model of disease care, we simply wanted to demonstrate a new and better way to understand health care. Our stories are both unconventional to the mainstream thought systems, although they represent a process of living that may indeed be archetypal of the new paradigm itself.

HealThySelf, therefore, is an extension of us and a result of our journey toward wholeness. Our life, like our business HealThySelf, is a work in progress. As we work to apply the knowledge that we have studied for so many years, we continually discover new ways to give what we have received. In this time of change and accelerated growth, the foundation of our thought system is “trust the process”. We have been experiencing the practice of living in the present moment, listening to our intuition, and being in the flow of what we need to do now.

We believe that the “Heart of Holistic” is about learning to listen to, follow, and ultimately, live in our heart. The intelligence of our heart, in coherence with the wisdom of our mind, is a well-balanced guide to optimal health. The balance of our physical well-being, combined with the release of emotional blocks to love, replacement of negative thought patterns with conscious, loving thoughts, and attunement with our authentic, Higher Self, can give us more fulfilling experiences toward our life's purpose and potential. We aspire to this goal and hope to inspire others, as well.

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Keys To A Healthy Immune System
18 Oct 2014 22:56 - David Louis DeFebo Owl

The human body is an intricately woven set of biological systems that depend on each other in a hierarchical structure, each system depending on others in the network.  All of this integral structure results in a truly fantastic coordination of complexity giving us the experience of health.  Giving us the experience of health that is, until one or more of the systems begin to break down or malfunction in some way.   In this article, I want to provide some basic ways to build up a [ ... ]


HealThySelf is a way of life, a work in progress, and a process. It is a decision we make each moment to be healthy and happy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is a practice of identifying core beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that are unhealthy and taking responsibility for integrating healthy alternatives.

HealThySelf is not only an age old adage coined by the Greek physician Hippocrates, but an eternal wisdom that we can apply now as our Healthy Self.

HealThySelf is the common purpose we share on the path to wholeness. As we learn to value true wellness, we can design a lifestyle to effectively manage our energy and achieve our highest potential for well-being.

HealThySelf provides you with a personal and practical application of the paradigm of holistic healing. Exploring the deeper causes of your conditions while guiding you to make conscious choices and positive changes as you move toward optional health.

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