Movie Title Producer/Director/Writer Comments/Synopsis Category
Black Whole Nassim Haramein Black Whole uncovers scientific proof that we are one. The work of physicist, Nassim Haramein, provides insight into the structure of space-time and a new coherent model of the universe. Using the sacred geometry and codes in ancient monuments and documents, the film presents a new look at the reality of which we live. Documentary – Science
Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take? Kimberly and Foster Gamble THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. Documentary
Baraka Ron Fricke A collection of expertly photographed scenes of human life and religion. Documentary
The Illuminated Chakras – A Visionary Voyage Into Your Inner World Anodea Judith A beautiful and instructive journey through the human chakras. Written & Narrated by Anodea Judith Graphic Art by Alex Wayne Music by Robin Silver Documentary – Spirituality
Solar Revolution Dieter Broers Does the sun have the power to transform humankind? In SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION, world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities. Documentary – Science
For the Next Seven Generations Carole Hart In 2004, thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from all four corners, moved by their concern for our planet, came together at a historic gathering, where they decided to form an alliance: The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. This is their story. Four years in-the-making and shot on location in the Amazon rainforest, the mountains of Mexico, North America, and at a private meeting with the Dalai Lama in India, For the Next 7 Generations follows what happens when these wise women unite. Facing a world in crisis, they share with us their visions of healing and a call for change now, before it's too late. This film documents their unparalleled journey and timely perspectives on a timeless wisdom. Documentary – Spirituality
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield Based on James Redfield's worldwide best-selling novel, The Celestine Prophecy is a spiritual adventure film chronicling the discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru. The prophecy and its nine key insights predict a worldwide awakening, arising within all religious traditions, that moves humanity toward a deeper experience of spirituality. Drama – Spirituality
I AM Tom Shadyac I AM is an utterly engaging and entertaining non-fiction film that poses two practical and provocative questions: what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better? The filmmaker behind the inquiry is Tom Shadyac, one of Hollywood’s leading comedy practitioners and the creative force behind such blockbusters as “Ace Ventura,” “Liar Liar,” “The Nutty Professor,” and “Bruce Almighty.” However, in I AM, Shadyac steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Though he ultimately recovered, he emerged with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed, and to investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live and walk in the world. Documentary – Spirituality
The Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie This biography includes references to his amazing abilities of detailed mental visualization as well as the slowly intensifying personal habits, indulgences or eccentricities for which he became nearly as well known. The film portrays Tesla in a battle with Thomas Edison over the clear superiority of Alternating Current over Direct Current. It also depicts Tesla's dream of supplying consumers all around the globe with limitless free energy. Drama – Science
Freedom or Fascism - The Time To Choose David Icke A life-changing experience a truly stunning production from the world's foremost "conspiracy" writer and researcher. British author David Icke has written 16 books and traveled to over 40 countries since 1990. His research exposes the Big Brother fascist dictatorship predicted by George Orwell in his book 1984 and charts the history of The "Illuminati" with its connections to unseen forces in other dimensions of reality that some call extraterrestrial. Icke refers to this as the Reptilian Agenda. This program reveals how a Hidden Hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution. Documentary
The Birth of a New Humanity Drunvalo Melchizedek Documentary – Spirituality
Prophecies From The Heart Drunvalo Melchizedek Documentary – Spirituality
The Matrix The Wochowski Brothers Just watch it. Drama – Science Fiction
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