The human body is an intricately woven set of biological systems that depend on each other in a hierarchical structure, each system depending on others in the network.  All of this integral structure results in a truly fantastic coordination of complexity giving us the experience of health.  Giving us the experience of health that is, until one or more of the systems begin to break down or malfunction in some way.  

In this article, I want to provide some basic ways to build up and keep the immune system healthy through dietary choices, as well as, provide some specific nutritional supplement recommendations to provide additional support.

Dietary choices that support immune health

Alkalize the body

Everything you drink or eat causes your body to change its pH level to a more acidic or a more alkaline condition. A basic way to understand this is that acid destroys and tears things apart, where alkaline maintains and build things up. Alkaline beverages and foods are that way because of the types and amount of minerals in them.  They are nutrient/mineral dense foods that help build up the immune system.
Here is a partial list of alkaline producing foods (always buy locally organically grown if possible):
all fresh fruits

All raw vegetables

all salad greens

all sprouts

apple cider vinegar


dried apricots

dried figs


fresh or dried seasoning herbs

fresh raw juice

grapefruit eaten by themselves


herbal teas


maple syrup

organic nuts






lima beans




raw, cold pressed olive oil

raw, cold pressed flax oil

Avoid and/or limit processed sugar

Processed sugar such as white sugar, high processed corn syrup and artificial sweeteners such as Nutrasweet, amoung others cause an acidic reaction in the body which inhibits the immune system.  In addition these foods promote unhealthy yeast, fungal growth and infectious bacteria in the gut further debilitating the immune system and the body in general.

Mushrooms boost the immune system and so much more

In Japan mushrooms are considered the fourth food group. Include mushrooms in your diet as much as possible.  Work them into your routine several times a week and more when exposed. In addition to boosting the immune system, mushrooms also remove toxins from the blood and tissue such as, heavy metals, pesticide residue, toxic chemicals in general amoung others.  Here are some to the mushroom types to include.
All other commonly eaten mushrooms in the grocery store

Spice up your immune system

Include a lot of spices in your cooking, especially those listed below.








black pepper

Supplements For A Healthy Immune System

The amount of natural dietary supplements available is vast in todays world, and this is a good thing.  Making choices as to which are the most appropriate for your situation can be challenging.  While this is a bigger subject than can be covered here, it might be helpful to see a list of some of the most effective immune supplements available. This is by no means a complete list.



Molecula (nano) Silver

Beta 1-3 glucan

Vitamin C

Thymus Extract


Oregano Oil


Omega-3 and Omega-9

Transfer Factor



Pau D' Arco


Green Super Foods

Vitamin A and/or Beta Carotene

There you have it.  There is a lot you can do to give your immune system all it needs to do the job it is designed to do. I sure hope this helps you stay healthy.  I have found that if you apply these principles they work for you.  It is just a matter of habit and focus.

In good health,

David Louis DeFeboMaster of Integrative Health Science
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